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Our Philosophy

Logistics Services - The Power of Choice

Transportation can be like a Rubik抯 Cube: there are all kinds of permutations and combinations that a logistics manager must evaluate to optimize that delicate tradeoff between cost efficiency and service effectiveness.

Just as there is no single way to solve a Rubik抯 Cube, no single carrier will always be the optimal choice for every shipment every time.

To deal with the change and uncertainty you face, you need flexibility, responsiveness, versatility and options. You need freedom of choice for your product movements.

As a non-asset transportation services provider, Transport Link offers you the ultimate freedom of choice. TLC was formed as an alternative to the 揷aptive customer?arrangements incurred by being contractually limited to asset-based carriers that limit your flexibility and options.

Think about it: being locked in to a single carrier or asset-based provider means being at the mercy of their people, facilities and equipment. That抯 fine assuming there is a 損erfect?carrier out there. Nobody bats a 1000, though. What happens if you experience problems or dissatisfaction? Nothing ?because you抮e obligated to that carrier.

As for those 搊ne stop shopping?and 搒ingle source carrier?claims from the huge carriers? Sure, you might be dealing with a single carrier ?but you抮e also dealing with thousands of people and facilities whose service performance can vary wildly from one office and terminal to the next.

Transport Link, however, offers you the ultimate in options. We have the national range and reach to get your shipment anywhere in the U.S. We have a portfolio of carriers to select from for optimizing each shipment. We have access to an inventory of fleet equipment that ensures you will have the right kind of quality equipment for shipping your product and meeting your specs.



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