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Professional Services

As Supply chain management increases in complexity, it will continue to require more sophisticated services, systems and solutions. These factors, coupled with downsizing and reduced staffing, make it extremely challenging for a logistics manager to develop strategies, execute programs and monitor performance with internal staffing alone.

True to its name, Transport Link has forged alliances with business experts and service providers to provide you with a link to outside professionals who can assist you when you need it. These outside experts can provide objective guidance and best practices to help you achieve your objectives in lieu of permanent headcount.

As former corporate managers, these professionals know how to work as an extension of your team ?not a threat to it. They won抰 tell you what to do; they will simply help you accomplish what you want to do quickly and cost-effectively. Should the need for professional logistics services arise, TLC can link your organization with these services:

Transportation Systems

Services focusing on the development of web- and network-based systems and databases for improved supply chain information and intelligence. A special focus is on online cost recovery systems as well as performance metrics and scorecards. Also provided are customized web applications (intranet and extranet) that range from yard management to freight payment.

Project Management

Lack of time, personnel or specific expertise often requires the help of outside professionals. TLC can provide you with professionals who will apply their experience and knowledge of best practices to supplement your staff and efforts. These professionals are prepared to assist you on both a project-specific basis or as 搃nterim staff?who work as a temporary part of your team. Projects have ranged from strategic planning assistance lasting two days to 搗irtual manager?assignments lasting several months.

Logistics Communications

Logistics success has always depended upon effective communications. Forward-thinking logistics managers are implementing innovative communication programs to promote their logistics capabilities and services to get closer to customers, carriers and suppliers.

TLC can provide you with a host of services to improve communications throughout your supply chain. This includes both web-based and traditional communications. Our logistics communications team includes professionals with experience at companies like GE and the New York Times, who have won industry and national awards for their work.

The list of logistics communications services TLC can provide include:

  • Customer service informational and promotional brochures and pamphlets

  • Vendor and carrier compliance guidelines

  • Workforce motivational materials

  • Training and educational documentation

  • Ghostwriting services
    - Customer and executive presentations
    - Trade journal articles

Transportation Advisory Services

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion . . . an outside perspective . . . or simply more information. Sometimes, those things are not always available from your colleagues or employees.

The PS team offers logistics managers a unique source for research, guidance, creative ideas and even best practices from other industries or companies. Whether you need that edge to win a proposal, get that funding, make the right decision, respond to that big corporate initiative or lead that major project, TLC抯 Professional Services team may be right for you.

For more information about any of our professional services, please contact Joe Turner (jturner@tlink-corp.com) at 773-277-5465.



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